our work

Since 1989, Prolab Digital Imaging has helped artists and photographers create art... Some bigger than the imagination! Check out some of our favorite projects.


Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Movie Set - Los Angeles, CA

Japanese American National Museum (Artist: Nicole Maloney) - Los Angeles, CA


Facebook Headquarters (Artist: Lordy Rodriguez) - Menlo Park, CA

LAX (Artist: David Malin) - Los Angeles, CA


Beverly Roberston Design Plaza (Artist: Blacky) - Los Angeles, CA

Madcap Motel (Artist: Michael Draghi) - Los Angeles, CA


Paramount Water Tower - Los Angeles, CA

The Bell Hotel by Taco Bell - Palm Desert, CA


Walmart (Artist: Ascend) - Chicago, IL

Walmart (Artist: Cujodah) - Chicago, IL


Brio (Artist: Catherine Widgery) - El Paso, TX

Faces of Water (Artist: Moses Hacmon) - Los Angeles, CA


La Plaza Village (Artist: Judith Hernandez) - Los Angeles, CA

La Plaza Village (Artist: Miguel Angel Reyes) - Los Angeles, CA