Our custom birchwood photo prints are the perfect blend of modern and rustic. Through decades of photo printing experience, we have formulated the best techniques to maximize grain visibility while maintinaing color vibrancy and accuracy. Resistant to fading, warping, or cracking, our wood prints ensure your photographs will continue to amaze for years to come.

*NOTE: photo prints larger than 1,728 square inches can be ordered; however, shipping prices might not be accurate on the website. Please give us a call to confirm your shipping price.

Wood Prints: Naturally Brilliant


Birchwood's light natural tone and consistent grain makes it an ideal background for wood printed photographs. Our birchwood is sourced from the most reliable and consistent suppliers - and, to ensure each piece is of the absolute best quality, we perform a meticulous two-step inspection and testing process. First, each sheet of 1/2" birchwood is selected by hand. We reject any sheets with dark spots, irregular grain pattern, or knots that would detract from your image. We then test and measure each sheet to ensure flatness and a smooth finish. The birchwood sheet is cut to your custom dimensions, and your image is printed directly on the custom-cut wood with a UV-LED technique followed by finishing to preserve and protect your image.

Material Thickness: HALF"


The Finishing: Preserve Your Art


Prolab Digital offers the ability to finish your wood print with our specially formulated UV liquid coatings. These coatings provide an additional shield for your print, UV/chemical resistance, and  a beautiful texture. Our finishes are completely clear and resist yellowing to protect and preserve your print's vibrancy and durability. Available in matte or gloss finishes.

UV Liquid Coating Options: GLOSS | MATTE


The Hanging Hardware


Each piece arrives ready to hang. Our hanging hardware has been designed to match the finish and feel of your wood prints, complementing your display. Each hand-selected sheet of birchwood is inspected for flatness to ensure your piece will hang flush with your wall.

Additionally, we work only with the industry's best suppliers to ensure high-quality wood that maintains the ideal rigidity over time.

As with every Prolab Digital product, your wood print is carefully inspected and quality-checked at every step of the printing process. We do not package your print until it meets our high standards of perfection. You can place your order feeling confident that you'll receive a beautiful, one-of-a-kind wood print that showcases your art at its very best.

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